There are four resistances to choose from: 80lb, 105lb, 152lb and 200lb. Within the possibility to add or remove the resistances from the band, you will have the chance to choose what weight you want for your training varying from 0lb to the max of each one of them (weights shown above). The band that you would normally use to do a bench press, has a total of 6 resistances on it, but being all removable, you can decide to use only 2,4,or 6 of them depending on the weight you want to use for your training. The short resistances have a length of 26cm (10 inches), while the long ones have a length of 63 cm (25 inches). 

They are suitable for every type of person - women or men, it all depends on how much you are able to lift. The variety of sets that we offer, meet all the different training stages that lead to different needs, depending on your physical condition, with an easy installation that require only 30 seconds of your time.

Our products being multifunctional, will give you the possibility to perform a vast variety of exercises as: pull up training, bench press, push up, glutes, chest exercise and arm workout. Build explosive strength by using them in conjunction with exercise machines, providing progressive resistance during traditional exercises to strengthen the chest, shoulders, arms, and the anterior core.

The soft pad with 2 foam handles will guarantee you continuous comfort during repeated movements to prevent injures; Bands are made of natural latex, which has good elasticity, good spring back, and no deformation after long-term use. The resistances tubes are protected, so as well as reducing the oxidation of the latex, you will never need to worry about getting injured or get whipped if unlikely the resistance tube snaps during using. 

Our bench press resistance band, unlike the conventional bench press equipment, it's light, small, adjustable, safe and easy to pack away for travel so you will be able to use it at home, at school, in the gym or in the office.